The one where I was told I should be a nun

I’ve been writing in longhand. Classic, old-school, pen and paper writing. Filling pages until my fingers hurt. The downsides are 1) this blog is left quiet, hungry for words; and 2) journals are worn out by time. The latter I just learned, while reading one of my journals from college. Like an old tattoo, its ink has slightly scattered, faded, and seeped through. I’m solving that by shamelessly publishing old entries. Enjoy.

August 24, 2010

The day so far. I woke up at four in the morning. Mama was making noise in the kitchen and I realized that I slept on the couch again. Two blinks later, I saw a big towel on my legs as a blanket. I got up, searched for breakfast, found nothing, climbed upstairs and fell on the bed.

I woke up again and it was five o’ clock-ish. Mama threw me my ringing alarm clock of a phone.

I have morning rituals. I eat pandesal and stir a hot half-mug of Kopiko. I release the rabbit and let it run around me in circles.  After the bunny bites either of my feet, I walk to safety. I pet Booni, talking to him, while taking sips of my coffee. Then bath, then getting dressed with feel-good songs in the background, then a little makeup, until I eventually leave the house.

I entered my timecard at about 7:20am, twenty minutes late. I power-walked to the Engineering building and into the Chemical Laboratory. I sat on a foam bench when one-by-one two lab assistants came in. One of them, whose name I forgot, made his mug of coffee and left. The other, Kuya Jesse, talked to me while he ate breakfast.

He asked me a couple of questions that eventually led to the question of me considering to be a nun. It felt like he was asking me to be a nun. He said it would be a calling I won’t be able to resist, like that story about Jonah and a whale. He said my face was nun-material–

Some entries stop mid-air because I got caught up with something else. More soon.